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Boat Captains For Hire in Lake Of The Ozarks

YachtShine can provide you with USCG Licensed captains to drive your boat while you enjoy the day without worries of a BUI or worse an accident in the lake of the Ozarks.

Driving a boat on the Lake of The Ozarks is a blissful experience, but can be downright difficult and intimidating at times. When you are taking a vacation with your family and don’t feel comfortable renting a boat or just want to go out and drink on the water on your personal boat sometimes the best thing to do is hire a captain and spend quality time with your wife and kids. Hiring a captain for your boat is a safer and more relaxing experience. Our captains have extensive experience and knowledge that makes it reliable and safe to go out on your boat or a rented boat and hit all the great Lake restaurants and bars while you enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

YachtShine can provide you with experienced and reliable captains. Our captains are all US Coast Guard Licensed captains with 30 plus years of navigating the lake. Our main captain Tobi grew up on this lake so he knows it pretty well.

$55.00 an hour